Goran Popović

Hello there and welcome! My name is Goran Popović.

I'm a software developer, with various experience in the industry, currently working as a backend developer in an AI-powered company. I started my career within WordPress ecosystem, but for the last couple of years I have really enjoyed working with Laravel. When able, I hope to share some of my knowledge and experiences in the form of blog posts. I'll write mostly about Laravel and other related topics.

If you want to learn more, check out the about page.

Feel free to contact me on LinkedIn, Twitter (X) or send me an email.

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Using LEMP stack on Ubuntu to host a Laravel app

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While Supervisor is commonly used with queue-related commands, there is nothing stopping you from using Supervisor to run and monitor your own custom commands.

EmailOctopus SDKs for PHP and Laravel

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Docker on WSL with PhpStorm - Best of both worlds

Find out how you can use Docker on WSL with PhpStorm without the performance penalties and without the need to transfer all of the native Windows apps to WSL.